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From Scratch

Series by Evan Hancock


The series

‘From Scratch’ is a series of 16 black and white photographs that construct a narrative moving across several vantage points capturing some of Australia’s coastlines. Evan’s work explores texture, light and tone to quietly and softly imbue the surrounds of contrasting forms and silhouettes across stretches of differing terrain. The variation of high contrasts sitting against subtly infused mid tones allows the natural details to creep in effortlessly and echo a mood that is soothing, creating a continuous synergy in the presence of commotion and occupancy. Printed locally by Arten on Baryta Photographique 310gsm with a hand finished frame in authentic Victorian Ash timber.


When one starts from scratch, one may not see or even imagine in great detail where that path will lead, what is next to encounter, witness or entail. In that unscripted moment of stepping into the unknown can one perceive the possibility of variation, a pivot that with no doubt constructs a new and different storyline.

This photographic series came about after capturing various landscapes and streetscapes travelling to Canada, China, England, France, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and locally through country Victoria and Sydney in 2017. Then the entire year of content was lost when the hard drive these 30,000 files stored upon failed. Due to the unknown variables in file recovery the decision was made to start from scratch, providing the opportunity to present a technique, style and storytelling attributes with a new and tightly considered selection. In late 2017 and early 2018 ‘From Scratch’ was realised.


About the artist

Evan Hancock is a Photographer and Motion Design Director where his interest in photography began with his father’s Pentax SLR at the age of 12. The idea of capturing a single moment in time ignited his imagination and passion for photography and then followed by screen content with new emerging technology.

His professional experience has explored motion graphic design on small and large format projects across Australia and internationally revealing his innovation and capacity to integrate screen, interactive and experiential across advertising. Utilizing exposure to these formats allows Evan to articulate his storytelling qualities into the medium of photography. A practice undertaken between commercial assignments that has lent to capturing cultural and landscapes stills.


From Scratch

Series editions


155 x 107.5cm Editions: 2
104 x 74cm Editions: 5
74 x 55cm Editions: 10
36.7 x 28.7cm Editions: 12