B-SIDE - Whitehouse Creek, VIC 2018

B-SIDE - Whitehouse Creek, VIC 2018



Pigment ink print on Baryta Photographique 310gsm. Framed in authentic Victorian Ash Timber.

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Whitehouse Creek, VIC 2018

Fine Art Photography from the B-Sides

B-Sides are artworks or remixed pieces selected from a final art series B-roll that has not been released in any collection or series privately or publicly.  These are artworks that are noteworthy in their own right, they are exclusive and released at any point in time by the creator with a limited edition of 1 only.

Whitehouse Creek, VIC 2018 is a B-Side from the series Light. Ash. White by fine art photographer Evan Hancock. Light. Ash. White is a black and white photographic narrative that captures the partial re-birthing amongst a landscape that still holds on to hectares of remnant white carcasses. The series marks the 10 year anniversary of Black Saturday in Victoria that occurred from 7th February to 14th March 2009.

Limited Edition 1 of 1 
Size: 155cm x 105.5cm
For enquiries please email 1@fmplus1.com


Printed locally on Baryta Photographique 310gsm with a hand finished frame in authentic Victorian Ash timber. All prices are inclusive of the photograph and frame. Each size is inclusive of the frame profile at 2cm with a white spacer between the photograph and the frame at 4.5cm.  

An Edition and Certificate of Authenticity is received upon delivery of artwork.