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Our fine art

Our fine art division is the pinnacle of the Fm+1 brand. Through the convergence of research and documented storylines Fm+1 collaborates with the artists unique creative style to produce classic and timeless realisations. Delivery is matched with impeccable and highly detailed craftsmanship where our fine art is showcased and presented through exhibitions and salon shows worldwide.

We accept both fine art and commercially commissioned assignments across government, corporate and private sectors locally and internationally.

To view and purchase our current fine artwork please visit our online shop or directly contact us.



Series by Evan Hancock

Light. Ash. White is a black and white photographic narrative that captures the partial re-birthing amongst a landscape that still holds on to hectares of remnant white carcasses. The series marks the 10 year anniversary of Black Saturday in Victoria that occurred from 7th February to 14th March 2009.


From Scratch

Series by Evan Hancock

‘From Scratch’ is a series of 16 black and white photographs that construct a narrative moving across several vantage points capturing some of Australia’s coastlines. Evan’s work explores texture, light and tone to quietly and softly imbue the surrounds of contrasting forms and silhouettes across stretches of differing terrain. The variation of high contrasts sitting against subtly infused mid tones allows the natural details to creep in effortlessly and echo a mood that is soothing, creating a continuous synergy in the presence of commotion and occupancy.